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'Whole Sign House System' at Birmingham Astrology Group

Saturday, November 3, 2018, 2:00 PM to 5:00
The Perry Tree Centre, Dovedale Road, Kingstanding

See this on the site here.

The Birmingham Astrology Group was started in 2006 and is based in North Birmingham.

I'm planning to go to their November meeting and am posting it as a meetup in case anyone wants to join. Admission is £5.

The topic is the whole sign house system. In the recent decades with the translations and publication of ancient astrological texts there has been renewed interest in traditional astrology techniques and a movement to discover what they can offer the contemporary astrologer. Part of this revival is the use of whole sign houses.

The picture shows the same chart in Placidus and whole sign.

The 907 bus goes from the city centre directly to the venue every 20 minutes.[day]=&


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Who we are

A group for anyone interested in astrology. Everyone is welcome, no previous knowledge needed. We have regular socials as well as offer a programme of workshops where you can learn the basics or explore an aspect of astrology in depth.

The socials typically have a topic followed by general discussion. There's always space to have your questions answered by astrologers or get a mini reading of your chart. If you're a seasoned chart reader yourself your contribution will help us all learn which is one of the objectives of the group. We often bring Tarot cards as well.

Whether you are a professional astrologer or someone who's always wondered what it's all about but never got round to finding out, we look forward to meeting you!
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