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Are you an intuitive?

If you've taken a Myers-Briggs type test like the one at 16 personalities website and scored an N for intuitive, you probably know it can be difficult to find others with a similar cognitive style. In our group we have an INFJ, ENFJ and INFP so if you come along to one of our meetups you will be in good company.

Who we are

A group for anyone interested in astrology. Everyone is welcome, no previous knowledge needed. We have regular socials as well as offer a programme of workshops where you can learn the basics or explore an aspect of astrology in depth.

The socials typically have a topic followed by general discussion. There's always space to have your questions answered by astrologers or get a mini reading of your chart. If you're a seasoned chart reader yourself your contribution will help us all learn which is one of the objectives of the group. We often bring Tarot cards as well.

Whether you are a professional astrologer or someone who's always wondered what it's all about but never got round to finding out, we look forward to meeting you!
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